CEVA Santé Animale is a veterinary pharmaceutical firm with extensive experience of a wide range of therapeutic fields. Its specialties cover all the animal production sectors, whether industrial ( poultry ) or traditional (ruminants), as well as companion...

Fields of expertise

The CEVA group boasts widely recognised expertise in a number of therapeutic fields:

  • Poultry: vaccines, vaccination equipment, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants
  • Ruminants: antibiotic therapy, control of reproduction, vaccines

Other products

Alongside its major areas of expertise, the CEVA group also develops products to meet the geographical or therapeutic requirements of its clients through two key ranges:

  • Parasiticides for large animals (trypanocides, endectocides...) (Diminazene, albendazole, isométamidium..)
  • Metabolism correctors for ruminants and poultry (antidiarrheal, rehydration products…)

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