Ceva Sante Animale Egypte

Ceva Sante Animale History in Egypt

Ceva Sante Animale Egypt is considered one  of the major companies of veterinary vaccines in all over the world  known in the Egyptian market through , "Sanofi-Aventis Global in 1987 and then through the distributor " Amoun Pharmaceuticals. "

IN 2005 Egypt has been invaded by a strong wave of bird flu,  which led to heavy losses in the poultry industry and a sharp drop in production volume reaches to 50%. 

IN 2006 Ceva has had a sword for the opening of its Scientific Office in Egypt,  founded by Dr. Mohammed Abed for the purpose of Registration and Marketing of vaccines in Egypt, and to keep up with the intense competition among global companies.

IN 2007 the company ( Ceva ) decided the opening of its Branch ( Ceva Sante Animale - Egypt ) to sell and market its products directly to major poultry projects and limited agent.

Since then and until now, the company has acquired  on a large proportion of the Egyptian market to compete with the very largest companies, global vaccine in the same market, and through ownership of all vaccines for poultry fattening and most vaccines white and mothers, ducks, the company also has a limited activity in the field of animal large as it focused on special items such as hormones, antibiotics and vaccines. 

The company is characterized by the scoops from those in Egypt, where it has the largest number of varieties genetically engineered vaccines (Vector Vaccines)  manufactured in the United States of America.

The company's major achievements in terms of a vaccine is "Cevac IBDL " which is considered the most important and most powerful  vaccine against " Gumboro " disease in Egypt.

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