Our mission

Ceva believes that a new approach to world health is required which goes beyond animal health.

Our new mission summarized in the slogan “Together, beyond animal health” has three fundamental principles, each of which address concerns over broader social issues:

Help to feed a growing population

The issue of ensuring food resources and security is vital. At the current
time not everybody in the world has access to sufficient quantities of animal
protein. Sustainable intensive agriculture is and will become an increasingly
important part of the strategy to feed 9 billion people by 2050. As Ceva, we will continue to work with our partners involved in animal protein production to find ever more efficient ways of rearing, which place minimal stress on animals .

Combating zoonoses

We are dedicated to combating zoonoses, which carry the threat of serious pandemics, particularly in a world of ever-increasing mobility. We want to underline the fact that the safety of food products has recently become a huge subject of public concern. Both existing and future biological products
will help to ensure that we are able to provide safe, quality animal protein.

Promote the benefits of the essential link between humans and animals

Companion animals are an important part of our lives, and can contribute greatly to the psychological and emotional well-being in our increasingly urbanized society.
As our cities grow, so will the role of the veterinary profession in educating people how best to live in harmony with their pets.
This threefold mission is an attainable ideal, but is beyond the limits of what one company can achieve alone. This is why we wish to publicly debate our approach, as it is only together with other health professionals that we will be able to meet the future demands of world health.

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