Ceva has developed solutions for hatchery vaccination. By providing a complete range of innovative vaccines, equipment and services for safe and effective vaccination, Ceva goes “beyond animal health” to help make poultry production efficient and sustainable

The WORLD LEADER in Immune Complex and VECTOR vaccine technology

TRANSMUNE®IBD: Immune complex technology against IBD.

Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) has been a long standing challenge in the field. Producers needed a vaccine that worked in the presence of a relatively high level of maternal antibodies. In response, Ceva developed Transmune® IBD, a vaccine breaking through the Maternal antibodies barrier to reach the bursa. Consequently, it is providing an homogeneous and lifetime protection with a single dose administered via in ovo (in the egg) or subcutaneous injection.

VECTORMUNE®: The broadest range of disease protection in a vector vaccine line.

VECTORMUNE® vaccines are the next generation of poultry vaccines. These vector vaccines express the major immunogenic proteins to block any viruses. Thereby, level of protection is much higher and lasts for the life of the bird regardless of the level of maternal immunity. VECTORMUNE® vaccines are genetically engineered using Marek’s Disease virus or Fowl Pox viruses to express key protective antigens against Newcastle Disease (VECTORMUNE® ND), Avian Influenza (VECTORMUNE® AI), Laryngothacheitis (VECTORMUNE® FP LTandVECTORMUNE® LT) and Mycoplasma  (VECTORMUNE® FP MG)

THE PERFECT PAIR: Double protection in one shot

VECTORMUNE® ND and TRANSMUNE® IBD, “The Perfect Pair” of vaccines for Gumboro and Newcastle prevention can now be administered in one injection at the hatchery. For the first time, a single, combined dose of vaccine given in the hatchery can produce life-long protection against Newcastle and Gumboro diseases. Ceva calls this significant step forward, The “Perfect Pair.”

CEVAC CORYMUNE ® RANGE: Broad spectrum Infectious Coryza and Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) vaccine

Reducing the number of vaccinations by combining the protection of Infectious Coryza, main viral diseases and SE in one vaccine: CEVAC ® Corymune 4K is the first inactivated vaccine combining broad Infectious Coryza protection (serotype A, B, C) and SE in one vaccine. The vaccine is with an Aluminium Hydroxide adjuvant for undisrupted growth in pullets. CEVAC ® Corymune 7K long lasting immunity during the egg production period by combining protection against Infectious Coryza (serotypes A, B, C), SE, Infectious Bronchits, Egg Drop Syndrome and Newcastle disease.

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