Developing antibiotics of the highest quality is a longstanding tradition at CEVA. The company has mastered the main anti-infective molecules currently on the world veterinary market

Ceva provides practitioners with sound expertise in the sustainable use of veterinary anti-infectives. The majority of products developed are available in injectable form with different formulations to provide a fast or delayed (long) action.

Some of those injectable anti-infectives (Marbox®, Florkem®, Vetrimoxin® LA, Tenaline® LA, Spirovet®…) are presented in the innovative CLAS® (Ceva Layered Anti Shatter) vials. The use if this new technology ensures that the antibiotics can be bottled in lightweight, shock resistant, stable and easy to use vials.

The main families of molecules formulated and developed by Ceva  include:

Marbofloxacine: MARBOX® is the latest addition to the Ceva range. Marbox® combines in one single product a single shot claim aganist respiratory disease and an E. coli mastitis claim in cattle.

Beta-lactams (penicillin, amoxicillin): VETRIMOXIN® LA, INTRAMICINE®, HISTACLINE® …)

Oxytetracycline: TENALINE® 5, 10 and 20% L.A.

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