Reproduction Management

A Ceva Santé Animale field of excellence.

Ceva Santé Animale is recognized as an expert in the field of cattle reproduction. Pioneer in the development of progesterone intravaginal devices (PRID), the company has developed over the time a very comprehensive product range to cover the needs of cattle reproduction specialists.

Ceva has collaborated over the years with scientists and veterinary practitioners in increasing the knowledge in the field of cattle reproduction. This has resulted in the publication of scientific papers in different journals. Regularly the company has been involved in educational programs that have contributed to expand that knowledge among cattle veterinarians. As part of those activities Ceva launched the website REPROLOGY .  

The website gathers together all the data and publications available to the public and professionals on the subject of control of reproduction in cattle, sheep and goats.

PRID® Delta: Latest development in progesterone intravaginal devices for cattle. The use of PRID® Delta allows synchronisation of œstrus in cycling cattle and induction and synchronisation of œstrus in non cycling cattle

ENZAPROST® T  (Dinoprost): A natural injectable prostaglandin eliminates physiological and pathological corpora lutea by its luteolytic effect. Its uterotonic effect can also be used to treat uterine pathologies such as endometritis.

CYSTORELINE® / OVARELIN® (Gonadoreline) is a hormone that can trigger ovulation in cycling animals. It can be used in Ovsynch protocols to synchronise heat and to improve conception rates.

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